Restaurant - Bar

RAVENALA restaurant we are pleased to serve you in every party, from daily meals to luxurious parties. With abundant sea resources, the restaurant always provides diners with the freshest dishes. Each meal is served with great flavors along with a romantic sea view. The chef at the restaurant always selects the freshest ingredients combined with excellent cooking skills to serve all meals of the day, including snacks or desserts.
Our menu is extremely rich, serving all resort guests and guests from outside with the same quality. The restaurant's menu includes: BBQ Buffet, Set menu (Asian Set and Western Set), Set menu for groups, Special dishes and a la carte menu.


Area: 30 m2 View: Garden view Rooms: 4
Area: 65 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 1
Area: 39 m2 View: Sea view Rooms: 6
Area: 49 m2 View: Garden/Swimming Pool View Rooms: 2
Area: 39 m2 View: Pool View Rooms: 18
Area: 30 m2 View: Window facing the sea Rooms: 3
Area: 30 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 3
Area: 55 m2 View: Street View Rooms: 1