Group Menu

RAVENALA always has menus available for groups to serve groups on request. The restaurant has 12 menus for groups to easily choose to suit the budget and time required by each group of guests. The price for these parties is very friendly, only from 2 to 3 million a table for 10 guests.

In addition, RAVENALA restaurant also has a number of other additional menus including Asian Set 199,000 VND, European Set 249,000 VND and 299,000 VND, Special sets such as: BBQ Buffet 599,000 VND, Ravenala Hot Pot 599,000 VND.
Our restaurant RAVENALA is always ready to welcome you with delicious dishes, professional service space and reasonable prices.
Area: 30 m2 View: Garden view Rooms: 4
Area: 65 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 1
Area: 39 m2 View: Sea view Rooms: 6
Area: 49 m2 View: Garden/Swimming Pool View Rooms: 2
Area: 39 m2 View: Pool View Rooms: 18
Area: 30 m2 View: Window facing the sea Rooms: 3
Area: 30 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 3
Area: 55 m2 View: Street View Rooms: 1