BBQ Buffet

RAVENALA's mouthwatering barbecue sets offer a range of signature options to suit all palates. The BBQ Buffet menu always features soups, sandwiches, salads, main courses, fresh seafood, special dishes and desserts. There are 3 types of BBQ Buffet with different quality, depending on the choice of diners: BBQ Buffet 450,000 VND, BBQ Buffet 550,000 VND, BBQ Buffet 650,000 VND.

Area: 30 m2 View: Garden view Rooms: 4
Area: 65 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 1
Area: 39 m2 View: Sea view Rooms: 6
Area: 49 m2 View: Garden/Swimming Pool View Rooms: 2
Area: 39 m2 View: Pool View Rooms: 18
Area: 30 m2 View: Window facing the sea Rooms: 3
Area: 30 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 3
Area: 55 m2 View: Street View Rooms: 1