Combo Luxury 3D2N $99

A 3-day 2-night package for TWO is now ONLY $99 at Ravenala Mui Ne Resort
Includes Breakfast Buffet and Any Lunch/Dinner
Free "Homemade" Drink, Tropical Fruit Buffet
With only $99 you can enjoy a wonderful stay at Ravenala Mui Ne Resort Mui Ne with a deluxe room for 2 people.
1. What types of rooms are included in the 3N2D combo?
 With the characteristics of Ravenala Mui ne Resort as a hotel with 8 types of rooms, very rich, you can completely choose any type of room you want. For this program, the room types we will provide you with Deluxe or Premium room types, which are popular room types chosen by many people.
2. In case of room type upgrade, how much is the guest fee to pay?
If you need to upgrade your room, please notify us early at the time of booking so that we can prepare the room more thoughtfully, the room upgrade fee ranges from 500,000 - 1,000,000 for 01 night.
3. Who is the program suitable for?
The program is suitable for all ages, especially focusing on people of working age, they can flexibly arrange their time in terms of moving and resting, not depending on groups. Other travelers, can pack their bags and go at any time.
4. What services does the 3N2D combo include?
In addition to 2 nights staying at Ravenala Mui Ne Resort, you also have accompanying services including 02 buffet breakfasts, 01 lunch or dinner according to the set menu of the restaurant. We want to give customers a better service, especially in the coming summer, when the weather is quite hot, so we have implemented a fruit buffet program, refreshing drinks from 15:00 - 16:00 at the pool area.
5. With this program, how can customers move to Ravenala Mui Ne Resort?
For this program, customers will be self-sufficient in terms of means of transportation, because it is located in a convenient location, so you can easily travel by bus or train. Especially, you just need to come to the bus companies such as Tam Hanh, Phuong Trang, Hanh Cafe, ... the car will take you to the resort lobby. If you have a need, please contact us for advice on transportation.
6. With this price, what is the menu like?
You can be completely assured about the restaurant menu, The entire menu of meals during your stay is specially designed, SELECTED, GUARANTEED THE BEST NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND HEALTHY for customers.

Enjoy free fruit and juice every day at the resort's bar, what could be better than resting, relaxing mentally and taking care of your health.
RAVENALA MUI NE RESORT is a great resort location owning a private beach with beautiful scenery, shady green space, a private swimming pool of 200 meters overflowing with direct sea views.
Besides, the resort has a prime location, located on the central road - Nguyen Dinh Chieu - of Phan Thiet city, convenient to move to other places of sightseeing and entertainment such as: Mui Ne fishing village, Mui Ne market, Bay Sand Dunes, Suoi Tien, ....
The resort achieved "Top 3 Most Impressive Growth in Revenue 2018" and "Top 1 Hotel with Most Outstanding Growth in Revenue in 2019" from the prestigious international hotel booking site and is well-received by visitors. excellent domestic and international reviews on the world's leading independent room review site - Trip Advisor.
Some Utilities We Bring To Customers
+ View Restaurant looks directly at the sea, airy and beautiful view
+ The overflow swimming pool is up to 200 square meters wide overlooking the sea, there is also a shallow pool for children to meet all requirements.
+ The rooms are designed around the swimming pool and the central green garden for you to conveniently move just a few steps to all areas and especially a few steps to the beach.
+ Resort is up to 6000 square meters but has only 41 rooms, Ravenala Mui Ne Resort focuses on open space for you to enjoy and rest properly rather than focusing on increasing the number of rooms so that we can exploit the business. So you are completely assured of the quiet, airy and completely private for each visitor to enjoy and rest comfortably in the truest sense.
+ Ravenala Mui Ne Resort owns 50 meters of private beach in the Resort that will let you cool off, or sunbathe to enjoy summer days on loungers on the sand.
+ Ravenala Mui ne Resort is 50 meters wide in front of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street - The main road of tourism, where the main resorts of Mui Ne are concentrated, convenient to move. Prime geographical location on the tourist map of Mui Ne. Convenient road frontage. Rear facing the sea.
+ Ravenala Mui ne Resort is aimed at guests who like quiet, rest, enjoy the freshness, beauty and design with its very own "style", no frills, no distractions. Simple, delicate, "boutique" and airy are what you will feel. So you can be completely assured of the hustle, bustle, and noise of being disturbed.
+ Ravenala Mui ne Resort is cared for with fresh green areas that make every corner of the garden worth watching and relaxing. Especially, the rows of 50-year-old coconut trees are such a highlight that when you drop yourself in the cool water of the overflowing pool, you can look up at the tall coconut groves silhouetted against the blue sky. People.
+ Ravenala Mui ne Resort appears on all reviews of prestigious international and Vietnamese sites such as Trip Advisor,, Expedia, Agoda, Google, Facebook,... with excellent ratings and recommend choosing "highly recommend".
+ Ravenala Mui ne Resort has just been upgraded, so you can enjoy quality facilities and equipment at extremely affordable prices.
Why La Ravenala Mui ne Resort?
Ravenala Mui ne Resort is a small-scale resort accommodation establishment with outstanding, unique and artistic design and decoration style; system of high-class rooms and excellence in service style of the staff.
+ In other words, the concept of Ravenala Mui ne Resort is the synthesis of investment and arrangement of interior equipment, interior design, environment, hotel space, hotel staff and own services. this hotel.…. make a difference that no other hotel has.
Ravenala Mui ne Resort can be an independent hotel or a small part of large hotel chains.
Ravenala Mui ne Resort belongs to the small hotel market segment but has a different style.
+ If the space of the hotel rooms has the same color and layout, the space of the Boutique is completely opposite. Each room in the Boutique Resort follows a different style, each style has its own emphasis, very artistic and sophisticated, but always exudes luxury, creating a sense of attraction and attracting customers. Usually Ravenala Mui ne Resort is a combination of classic, exotic and elegant and luxurious.
Ravenala Mui Ne Resort is currently designed with 8 room types: Honey Bungalow, Sunny Bungalow, Junior Suite, Ocean View Bungalow – Pool, Premium Sea View – Pool, Deluxe Room, Deluxe Room With Balcony, Superior Room, offering many choices. with customer needs.


Area: 30 m2 View: Garden view Rooms: 4
Area: 65 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 1
Area: 39 m2 View: Sea view Rooms: 6
Area: 49 m2 View: Garden/Swimming Pool View Rooms: 2
Area: 39 m2 View: Pool View Rooms: 18
Area: 30 m2 View: Window facing the sea Rooms: 3
Area: 30 m2 View: Sea View Rooms: 3
Area: 55 m2 View: Street View Rooms: 1